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Early Spring

Somehow, spring always sneaks up on me.

When the heat of summer sets in, I tend to let gardening chores slide a bit (or more than a bit, as happened last year).  No matter how far behind I get, it's easy to tell myself that I'll catch up in the winter months.  Never mind that some chores really have to be done during the summer.  No, no, it'll be fine; I'll just catch up over the winter.

Then winter comes, and it's busy with holiday events, and people get sick or just don't feel like being outside because-- surprise!-- it gets chilly in the winter, and there's rain, and you have cold-weather indoor hobbies to focus on-- and above all else, it usually feels like the winter will last at least another month.

Well, ok, December went by in the blink of an eye, but that's ok.  We have January.  A new year-- a new beginning.  It's perfect for getting those garden chores done and starting a new, better routine. We're going to keep up with it this time.�…

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